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Wyandotte County Lake Loop Stroll


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In preparation for our Lawn Lake hike this year, we went to Wyandotte County Lake in Kansas. It definitely provided a challenge we haven’t yet found here in the Midwest!

Wyandotte County Lake Loop Trail

We found Wyandotte County Lake Loop trail through our AllTrails app. It’s a 9.7 mile moderate trail with nearly 1,300 feet of elevation gain here in Kansas. Yes, in Kansas! In comparison, hikes in Rocky Mountain National Park are 2,000+ feet of elevation gain. This is all in preparation for our Lawn Lake Hike this year.

What I Learned with the Wyandotte County Lake Loop Hike

Firstly, I learned that I need to keep pushing myself on hikes and strength training. I have had knee issues from a car accident previously and this hike stressed out the knees and hamstrings. Thus, I’m adding more stretches and exercises for those areas.

Secondly, we learned that AllTrails may not always be accurate. When we hit 10 miles, we realized that we didn’t have enough food and water to fully complete the trail. I clocked in 11 miles and 1,600 feet of elevation gain even with cutting some paths out. For next hikes, we will err on over-planning for supplies.

Wyandotte County Lake Loop Trail
Wyandotte County Lake Loop Trail

What I’m Excited About After This Hike

Firstly, there are some extreme climbs on this hike. In one particular spot, they drilled a hook in a tree, connected a rope in order to pull yourself up the hill. While researching the Lawn Lake hike, it’s a gentler incline compared to what we completed last weekend. Amazing!

Secondly, we worked the muscle groups that needed working. Walking on concrete trails and streets doesn’t work the calves and ankles like mud, dirt and rock. I am looking forward to the next off-road hike, to keep improving that.

Lastly, I’ve found more confidence in myself that I can complete Lawn Lake. I’m certain that if we had taken more breaks and had snacks, we would’ve completed this hike. We were powering through, to complete quickly. That’s not how we go about our mountain hikes. So mentally, I’m ready!


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