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Proposals, Wedding and a Hiccup to our Plans in 2023

2023 has been a year, so far with extreme highs and extreme lows. I decided to write an entry about something from my personal life. Mostly to get this out in the open, but also for anyone following my hiking blog, to explain the gap at the very least. The best part of 2023 was our wedding. It was perfect in every way, just not the way we expected it to happen.

2023 Calendar

The First Proposal

My soon-to-be husband proposed to me on February 11th, and we got straight to the business of wedding and marriage. Within a couple weeks, we had the date set and most of the things scheduled. We were ready. We also were trying to figure out when we could fit a hiking trip in before the wedding in August of 2023.

The Hiccup and the Second Proposal

In early April 2023, my fiancée noticed symptoms that started to become alarming – enough that we decided to go to the emergency room for tests. The test came back and stunned us both. Leukemia. They immediately transferred him to another hospital to be admitted and start therapy right away. Everything in our world halted. Doctors informed us that nothing but treatment would be our lives for the foreseeable future. We were devastated. We had to start cancelling everything, including our wedding.

After two days and confirmation that it was indeed leukemia, I proposed to him. And we decided to get married once he got out of the hospital, but before the ongoing chemotherapy treatments. Marry we did, in early May 2023. It was a wonderful yet intimate ceremony with our families.

Our Goals Moving Forward 2023 and Beyond

We do hope to get back out to the mountains, it’s just delayed at the moment. My husband is nearly done with the intense chemotherapy treatments and will hopefully start on the path of healing and mending the body.

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