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My Favorite WordPress Plugins

I’m a firm believer on not relying on WordPress plugins for web development. They can slow the down the site, conflict with themes and other plugins or can be discontinued. Most times, a better approach is available, however, here are my three go-to plugins.

WordPress Plugin #1: Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms calls itself the “Best Form Builder Plugin”. I’ve tried many other form tools in the past, this one is worth the money. The forms look professional and clean. In addition, form entries are accessible within the CMS. It is a powerhouse full of features, others are:

  • Accessible and Compliant
  • Responsive and easy to implement CSS
  • Conditional Logic for fields
  • Import and Export forms and entries
  • Security: Anti-Spam honeypot as well as integration with Akismet
  • Extensive Documentation

WordPress Plugin #2: Advanced Custom Fields Pro

Advanced Custom Fields Pro is the best plugin for making WordPress websites completely editable. I really like the ability to add Options pages as well as completely customize the experience. With the latest WordPress update, I’m learning right now on how to adjust my approach with this tool. For instance, I see that I can register blocks via the functions file. Come back for a future blog post on this topic!

WordPress Plugin #3: Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is a fantastic SEO tool. The analysis function is helpful as I’m not the best writer, nor do I want to remember all the requirements for Google. I haven’t gotten into all of the features that this tool provides, nor have I upgraded to a paid subscription, but it’s that useful as it is. I know there will be a future blog post on my learnings for this one as well.

In conclusion, these are my favorite WordPress plugins. Want to discuss any of these in particular? Do you have a recommendation on one I’ve missed? Contact me today or comment below.

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