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Excluding Internal Traffic with Google Analytics 4


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Here is a tip on how to filter out your internal traffic via Google Analytics 4. Super easy to set up and filter!

Excluding internal traffic when testing and viewing website

When setting up my new site with Google Analytics, I wanted to exclude internal traffic. It is different with the new GA version and below I will go through the steps to complete this task.

IP Filter Setup in Google Analytics 4

Before starting on the steps listed below, you will need your IP address in order to proceed. I recommend googling for this information, Google will display it at the top of the search results page.

  1. Go to the Admin, then Data Streams of your GA4 property.
  2. Select the data stream that you want the filter applied to.
  3. Scroll to the bottom to More Tagging Settings, then to Define Internal Traffic. Click Create.
  4. Provide a Rule name, like home office, etc., set traffic_type value to internal, then add the conditions for the IP addresses. I used “IP address equals” under the Match type and pasted my IP address in the value.
  5. Add as many IP addresses as needed. Once complete, click save.

Set up Filter for Internal Traffic

Now that the IP addresses have been defined, you can now set up the filter to exclude them from the reporting.

  1. Go to the Admin, then Data Settings, then Data Filters of your GA4 property. Click Create Filter.
  2. Provide the following details: Data Filter Name and Filter Operation (for this purpose I used Exclude)
  3. Under Filter State, you can select from the following options: Testing, Active and Inactive
  4. Once you’ve tested the filter, you can activate it.

What tips or tricks have you learned with the new Google Analytics version? Please comment below or send me a note here.


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